Opening a Can with a Swiss Army Knife



I don’t use a lot of canned goods. Beans if I’m in a hurry, tomatoes and… nothing else comes to mind at the moment. And the Goya beans that I favor come in pull-tab cans. What all of this means is that I usually forget to pack a can opener.

Fortunately I almost always have a Swiss Army knife in my bag, car, or backpack – the smallest one that has a cork screw, a screwdriver, a pair of scissors, and a can opener. That’s really all I care about. With these four tools I have fixed cars, bandaged wounds, and opened wine bottles. I deny that the opening of wine bottles may have precipitated the other events. Oh, yeah, and I’ve opened cans.

Opening a can with a Swiss Army knife is not always an obvious task – it helps if you have seen it done. So, I made a video. Enjoy.


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