About Product Reviews


If it is recommended here we have tried it, used it, and often worked to get the best performance out of it. In all cases we have bought the item in question with our own money.

There have been many failures along the way – like the cheap corkscrew that twisted off the shank or the really expensive ceramic knife that chipped the first time I dropped it. However, there is enough great stuff out there to focus on the things that make cooking and travelling a little easier.

I provide Amazon links to products I use or review for a few reasons. I am an Amazon Affiliate, so I make a very small amount of any transaction, which goes to offset site expenses. I find Amazon generally has the best, or equal to the best prices on the items I review for the least effort (I’ve found items at deep discounts at brick and mortar stores, but it’s unreliable). Finally, when I’m on other sites I find the Amazon links a convenient way to see other reviews and get manufacturer’s information, so I decided to provide the same links.

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