Platypus Wine Preserver and Govino glasses


Platypus PlatyPreserve Wine Bag

My test method for the Platypus wine preserver was to decant (dump) a $17 Malbec into it, squeeze out the air, cap it, and toss it into a hot storage compartment in an RV for a couple of days. Then I sampled the wine. I know, I know – this isn’t fair. However, I also figure that it’s a pretty common example of the way these wine bags will be used.

Results: The wine was very drinkable. It may have lost a little, and whether that was from the heat or the bag is hard to tell. As a comparison, it would be like the bottle was open on the table for a couple or three hours. Not bad, but losing the top end a little.

Pros: Light weight, non-breakable, space efficient, and reasonably good at preserving an open bottle.

Cons: How do you clean these things? I just swished soapy water around, rinsed it a few times, and then let it dry with the cap off until there was no moisture inside. I’m happy with that. If not being able to brush out the inside easily is going to bother you, then this will be a problem for you.

Conclusion: If you need to take a bottle of wine somewhere where glass containers aren’t allowed, these are pretty cool. If you just want to save an open bottle, the little vacuum plugs work about as well. Or an empty water bottle (from Mark Phillips, the PBS wine guy).

Govino Plastic Wine Glass

A plastic wine glass that looks good, doesn’t break, and is oddly flexible. That about sums up the Govino wine glass. I like them. I used them for wine, margaritas, scotch, and bourbon – but not all in the same day. Well, maybe in the same day – but it was a long day.

Pros: Looks good. Doesn’t break. Holds liquids so that you can drink them.

Cons: Hand wash only. Yep. If you put them in your dishwasher they will cloud up. I didn’t know that when I bought them. I throw my Reidel crystal stemware in the dishwasher, but I have to hand wash the plastic stuff….

Conclusion: If you are going somewhere where you can’t take real wine glasses, perhaps the same place you are taking the Platypus Wine Preserver, and want something better looking than a Solo cup – these are great.

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