Saving a cocktail for later  


If you have never worked in a bar, this may not have come up yet.

If you have, you know what I mean. “Did I say Tanqueray? I wanted Bombay.” “Hey, can you put this in your ice well for me, I’m going out to smoke” (No. Nothing except ice goes in the ice well.) Etc.

At home, or entertaining, it comes up too – I’m just generally more happy to oblige. You said you wanted an Old Fashioned, but changed your mind? That’s ok, I’m not going to force you to drink it.

Just use that cocktail strainer that came as part of the bar set – the one that never gets used at home because fancy shakers have built in strainers. Remove the garnish, strain out the liquid, and store it in the fridge until required or desired.

Here’s a video….


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