Our Manifesto


Who is The Moveable Chef?

Do you love to travel? Is cooking a part of your life you don’t always want to leave behind? Have you ever rented an apartment in a foreign city or a beach house on the coast where you cooked for your family and guests? Have you ever cooked at a friend’s house, or improvised a kitchen in the middle of nowhere with a couple of cinder blocks and a metal grate?

Us too.

We are travelers who love to cook and cooks who love to travel.

We believe that the journey – whether from home to afar or from water to soup – is as important as the destination.

We believe that places, like food, are best shared with friends.

We believe that travel can nourish, just as cooking can enlighten and inform.

Our mission is to discover and share ideas, inspiration, recipes, and products that make cooking on the road easier and more enjoyable. That is why we are here, and probably why you are too.

So, who is The Moveable Chef?

You are. We are.

Nice to meet you.

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