The Big Importance of Small Numbers  


(Image Credit: Edwin Torres Photography, 2012)

I’ve been writing and posting on The Moveable Chef for about a month now. Sometimes (although less so recently) it’s felt a bit like I was talking to myself. I’m not adverse to talking to myself, by the way, but, still… I thought it was just me and the spammers hanging out, having a big pomegranate diet pill party in the Cloud.

Then I looked at my website statics this morning, and saw that over 130 people had visited, and stayed for a few minutes. Not 130 page views, but 130 unique individuals. Wow! Seriously, I know I’m not displacing the Food Network this week, but I’m excited.

When was the last time I wrote something that 130 people read? The sales proposals, the RFPs, the PowerPoint decks – nope. I wrote a couple of articles for power industry trade mags, which had a much larger circulation – but I doubt I had many actual readers perusing my pieces on NERC, FERC and reliability standards. I barely read them.

So, without making this weird or anything – thanks. Thanks for reading, and ‘liking’, and subscribing, and for making comments. I appreciate your time and interest, and I’ll keep trying to write things worth reading.

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